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Top 10 tips for using Facebook Live

Top 10 tips for using Facebook Live

There isn’t a day goes by where someone is doing a Facebook Live. Many enjoy this Facebook feature to share special moments or give you an insight into someone’s life or business. It has been beneficial not only to ordinary users but also for broadcasting real time events.

However, to make the most of Facebook live’s function, users should learn the best tricks on how to produce an effective video:

  1. Plan the content. Decide for what topic or content you will be creating and what are you going to talk about. Too, think of your target audience.
  2. Select the best time to broadcast. Broadcast time is also important. You should consider what time works the best. Identify when your audiences are most active and online. With that, you can guarantee that your video will be seen by people right away.
  3. Promote before you broadcast. Let your audience know that you are going to have an upcoming video. You can post image or perhaps a shorter video to tell them you are going to post soon. If it is really an important video, invite and tell your friends to tune out by linking your account/business page.
  4. Consider sound and lighting. During the streaming, looks after the lighting and sound. Make sure people can see you and hear you clearly or else they will get annoyed. With bad sounds and light, they can in any time stop watching the video. Invest with quality microphones and change the angles while recording if needed.
  5. Relax and be comfortable. Make yourself comfortable while doing the recording. Don’t forget to introduce yourself and smile. Also take note to end your live video with a call to action and telling your viewers about your plan for your next video. This way you can have them tuned to your upcoming recordings. You can also ask them to share it or contact you for any follow up questions.
  6. Create an enticing description. Catch your viewer’s attention by writing an interesting description. Drive them to watch your Facebook live video with your killer description.
  7. Monitor the video and respond to comments. Check the reactions and increase engagement or interaction by addressing the comments. You can as well invite them to contribute their thoughts.
  8. Keep promoting. Don’t let your Facebook live video go to waste. You can promote this using other social media platforms. Create posts and link it to the Facebook video so you can direct other viewers from different platforms to see your recording.
  9. Analyse the results. Take a look at the data. See the number of people who watched your Facebook live, how many minutes they spend watching it, reactions, comments, shares and other data to determine how effective it is.
  10. Plan for your next video. Plan ahead of time what you’ll cover next. Based upon your first video, derive the best strategies. Experiment on new and different things.

With Facebook live, you can establish better relationship with your audience. You don’t have to be a professional broadcaster and videographer to produce a nice recording. You just have to state some information with confidence and enjoy the moment!


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Optimising your videos for Youtube

Optimising your videos for Youtube

Optimising your videos for Youtube

Did you know that every minute on Youtube there are 2.7 million video views, 400 hours of video uploaded, 139,000 hours of video watched, 92,000 Youtube searches and 700 tweets linking to Youtube? And that after Google, Youtube is the second most used search engine in the world.

Video is a powerful way to connect with your audience, and add a new dimension to your brand. It helps communicate complex messages in an interactive way and can provide a way for potential customers to get to know you.

So if you want to make video part of a key component to your marketing strategy, then having a Youtube channel for your business is a must. Once you set-up your channel, and you’ve produced a few videos, it’s time to get your content seen.

Here are some ways you can optimise your video so that your content is seen on Youtube:

Make the video content powerful.

Of course, everything will be useless if the quality and quantity of video itself is not that good. It should always anchor with the theme you want to portray and all the details should be parallel to one another.

Never forget the title and tags.

To your target audience has a chance to watch your video then you need to put the title of your video. Always remember the principle in title creation. It should be relevant, significant and catchy. Also, you should put necessary tags that will make short information about the video so that they can easily search and watch your video.

Create Automatic Playlist URL’s

When viewers start to watch one of your video, see to it that you have a playlist url that will automatically be played after each video. In doing so, you give every opportunity to extend the playtime of your content.

Provide Call to Action!

At the end of every video in the list, always put a call to action. And use annotations if you need to. Once someone has watched a video and are inspired to act, give them something to do next.

There are lots of ways list ways on how you can optimize your videos. Whatever choice you will make it is a must that you will always aim to make your videos easily seen by your target audience.


How to use Youtube to grow your website traffic

How to use Youtube to grow your website traffic

How to use Youtube to grow your website traffic

There are a lot of ways to get people to visit your site even if they haven’t heard of you yet. One way to increase your audience and to drive traffic is through the use of video (if you’re not doing this already). Whether it is just a simple video blog, a how to video or just a product review, the best place to host your video this is Youtube.

Youtube is the second most used search engine in the world, after Google (which actually owns Youtube!). As it’s a free, and relatively easy platform to use, Youtube can help you reach new people, as long as you produce interesting content. Let’s see how to use this powerful video website to grow your website traffic:

  1. Add call to action. Once someone has watched your video, you want them to do something else. This is where having a strong call to action comes in. It can be something as simple as ‘Share this video with you friends’ or even ‘Click on the website below to find out more’. If you do use a call to action that involves taking your subscribers to your website, make sure the landing page is consistent with the messaging in the video, that way you keep your audience engaged.
  2. Make the most effective use of your video metadata. It is the underlying description about your video, so make sure to write the title and description for every video you post and include keywords that are appropriate on the video. Think about how your audience will be searching for the content you are creating, and develop your descriptions around these.
  3. Use Playlists. To achieve a higher visibility on the content of your channel, having a playlist is critical. Playlists organise your videos into groups based on the topic you have created. But always take note of having a description and keyword for your playlists, in addition to having them for each individual video. By doing this, the videos you have uploaded will drive traffic if you have a keyword rich descriptions in every group of videos you have.     

Youtube is the bomb for getting brands noticed. If you’re still having some troubles driving more traffic in your website, consider using Youtube. But you have to remember that your goal is to build a community of followers so don’t forget that the most important factor to consider is creating a relevant content and valuable videos to attract the right viewers. Using Youtube is one of the great ways to drive traffic to your website just be sure that you set up your videos properly.

If you want help getting more out of your social media marketing, please download our free step by step guide today!