Why post your blogs to social media more than once

So you own a business, and want to create some interest about what you do? Or perhaps you want to position yourself as a thought leader in your industry? Blogs are a simple and effective way to promote what you do in an education way.

A simple definition of blog is that it is a journal or a diary that is on the internet. People create blogs because they want to express themselves; they want their voice to be heard. Sometimes, they wanted to share something about something that they love. And you love what you do, so why not share it!

So you’ve gone ahead and created a blog, now you have to share it with your audience. And social media is the perfect place to share your wisdom. But how often you should post your blog on social media? Is it relevant to share your content more than once? Let’s take a look at why you have to share your blog more than once.

  1. More traffic. Sharing your blog once will reach some of your audience. Sharing it multiples times will make sure you reach more people. Remember to give it a new introduction each time.
  2. Reach multiple time zones, especially if you have customers across Australia, or even the world. By resharing or retweeting your blog post, there is a definite possibility that you will be able to reach those who missed your post the first time around.
  3. Gain more followers. If your blog is engaging, your fans are likely to share it – which means people outside of your community will see your content. If they like your content, you’ll get some extra followers! Also, once you repost your blog, especially if you have evergreen content, it will still be relevant to others even if you posted it few weeks ago.

Now that you know the reasons why you have to share your content more than once in social media, you can use this as an advantage but just make sure that you won’t over do it. Also, make sure that you have different techniques once you repost your blog because if it is always the same format or the same title, your content will look tired. Just always remember than once you create a blog, this will speak about you and you wanted to build credibility and earn people’s trust.

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