Using Facebook Messenger to nurture your social community

Using Facebook Messenger to nurture your social community

Have you considered using Facebook Messenger to connect with your customers? Instant messaging is available to anyone with a Facebook profile, and even better, with the app downloaded on their phone. Facebook messenger has been growing over the past years and it has become more than just an app. A feature within Facebook is now one of the world’s most popular mobile messaging services.

Customers are expecting fast responses from businesses on Facebook and the answer to this is by using chatbots. This can help you in delivering the fastest and right answers to your customer’s questions, and in real time. In April 2016, bots have been created to add new services and features to the Messenger and up to now, there are more robots to be created.

But what can these bots do and how can they help in your business? Listed are some of their benefits.

  1. Chatbots can develop customer support. By using chatbots, the customer’s requests and questions will be answered instantly. With this, it can lessen stress as customers will no longer need to wait on a phone line for long. In other words, this can help in improving customer service and other members can have more time to deal with other issues.
  2. They can do different tasks for you. Talking about multitasking? Chatbot is the best example of this. They can answer customer’s questions, provides instant answers, inform customers with your latest products and others. With this, it can help you save costs and other employees can concentrate on running other parts of your business.
  3. A chatbot will help bridge the communication gap between you and your audience. They make it simple and natural and speak the language of your customers. For example, chatbots can provide knowledge to customers when they are figuring out on what right product they have to purchase.
  4. They help customers in understanding your brand and services. To other customers, your product may be hard for them to understand especially for new customers. The task of a chatbot is to simplify it and can explain to your customers a step by step process and also answer any clarification questions that they may have.
  5. Chatbots can get smarter and it can be more and more effective through time. The more knowledge it gains then it means that it’s able to answer future customer’s queries.

A little window that just pops up and saying that they are able to answer your questions- these are chatbots. To others, it may be annoying and they may have positive and negative experiences with them. If you use Facebook regularly to market your business, consider using Facebook Messenger as a channel to keep your customers happy and engaged with you and your business.

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