Using reviews to grow your business

Using reviews to grow your business

Using reviews to grow your business

If you’re in business, you’ll know how important it is to toot your own horn to your potential customers. If you don’t say how brilliant you are at what you do, then who will? The short answers is – your customers! So let’s look at why reviews matter, and how you can use them to use your business.

For those of you who are reluctant to say how awesome you are, reviews are a much more gentle way of letting your prospective customers know that you are good at what you do. Additionally, this type of third party ‘social proof’ lends more credibility to you.

So here is how you can gain reviews for your business.

Encourage online reviews

When you’ve delivered a product or service that changes lives, and your customers are raving about it, then you should be asking them to leave a review online.

Ideally, your reviews would demonstrate what you do to help your clients, and how it impacts their lives. And the more specific the better.

I work with a copywriter who is incredibly talented, and the best thing she did is send me an email asking me to give her a review, and listed the links of where she wanted the reviews. You can do this to. The platforms you should cover off are:

  • Google (because Google owns the online universe)
  • Your Facebook page
  • Your website

Show case studies on your website

To help potential customers understand what you do and how you help, case studies are a perfect tool for this.

What was the situation like for the clients BEFORE they found you? Take a photo of the before. Then as you are working with your customer, you can take progress shots (if it’s a long project). And then when you are finished, take a photo of the end results and get your customer’s feedback in writing or on video.

Use testimonials in your content

Once you have written (and hopefully some video!) reviews and case studies, you should use them across all of your online channels. Use a platform like Canva to whip up a template where you can drop in a quote or testimonial from a client.

For case studies, write a blog article, or create a video, so you can post the link across social media.

Over to you

Do you have a way to collect and use reviews from your customers?