Using a lead magnet to grow your email database

Using a lead magnet to grow your email database

Using a lead magnet to grow your email database

A lead magnet is an incentive like a free piece of content or a discount, that marketers offer to potential customers in exchange for their information such as email address or or phone number. If you are serious about growing a decent sized email database, you’ll need a lead magnet in your marketing collateral if you want to generate leads online. Usually a lead magnet offers a downloadable piece content, such as video, report, eBook and others. But it can also be an offer like a try before you by or percentage discount.

Getting an email address is a step towards building a relationship with your new lead. Because an email address is a personal piece of information, if you want their email address, you should offer something for it in return. By simply asking your subscribers to submit or give their email address and join your list may not have a great impact at all. But if you offer something to them in exchange of their email, the results will be better.

A lead magnet is a critical part of website optimisation because it enables websites to capture leads. It is also the first step in building a successful email campaign. By using a solid and engaging lead magnet, your business can build a huge email list and cultivate an audience of potential subscribers and return visitors that you can promote your content to. Never underestimate the power of a large email database.

What makes a Quality Lead Magnet?

  1. Your lead magnet should offer something nothing else offers. What makes you different to your competitors, and how can you reflect that in an offer?
  2. Offer a Bundled Package. Many of your competitors are offering different free resources. Try to tempt your visitors with a package of resources rather than a single one. If one free resource can have significant value, just imagine how much more if you offer many?
  3. A great lead magnet should offer solution. You should be able to come up with solutions to your audience problems. Your subscribers have specific problems and they immediately want solutions, if you can’t provide it to them then you are unlikely to have anyone take up your offer.
  4. Lead magnets should add as much value as possible. Avoid giving or setting unrealistic expectations. You can also explain why your lead magnet is valuable to them. Explain to them what you’re offering to them in exchange of their email address.
  5. Your lead magnet should have a specific target. You should be able to know who you’re target is and who it’s designed for.

In today’s world, building a solid email list is critical for your online success. One of the best ways to get more email subscriber is through lead magnet. Believe it or not, having a well thought out lead magnet will help your business to grow.

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