Top 10 tips for using Facebook Live

Top 10 tips for using Facebook Live

There isn’t a day goes by where someone is doing a Facebook Live. Many enjoy this Facebook feature to share special moments or give you an insight into someone’s life or business. It has been beneficial not only to ordinary users but also for broadcasting real time events.

However, to make the most of Facebook live’s function, users should learn the best tricks on how to produce an effective video:

  1. Plan the content. Decide for what topic or content you will be creating and what are you going to talk about. Too, think of your target audience.
  2. Select the best time to broadcast. Broadcast time is also important. You should consider what time works the best. Identify when your audiences are most active and online. With that, you can guarantee that your video will be seen by people right away.
  3. Promote before you broadcast. Let your audience know that you are going to have an upcoming video. You can post image or perhaps a shorter video to tell them you are going to post soon. If it is really an important video, invite and tell your friends to tune out by linking your account/business page.
  4. Consider sound and lighting. During the streaming, looks after the lighting and sound. Make sure people can see you and hear you clearly or else they will get annoyed. With bad sounds and light, they can in any time stop watching the video. Invest with quality microphones and change the angles while recording if needed.
  5. Relax and be comfortable. Make yourself comfortable while doing the recording. Don’t forget to introduce yourself and smile. Also take note to end your live video with a call to action and telling your viewers about your plan for your next video. This way you can have them tuned to your upcoming recordings. You can also ask them to share it or contact you for any follow up questions.
  6. Create an enticing description. Catch your viewer’s attention by writing an interesting description. Drive them to watch your Facebook live video with your killer description.
  7. Monitor the video and respond to comments. Check the reactions and increase engagement or interaction by addressing the comments. You can as well invite them to contribute their thoughts.
  8. Keep promoting. Don’t let your Facebook live video go to waste. You can promote this using other social media platforms. Create posts and link it to the Facebook video so you can direct other viewers from different platforms to see your recording.
  9. Analyse the results. Take a look at the data. See the number of people who watched your Facebook live, how many minutes they spend watching it, reactions, comments, shares and other data to determine how effective it is.
  10. Plan for your next video. Plan ahead of time what you’ll cover next. Based upon your first video, derive the best strategies. Experiment on new and different things.

With Facebook live, you can establish better relationship with your audience. You don’t have to be a professional broadcaster and videographer to produce a nice recording. You just have to state some information with confidence and enjoy the moment!


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Use one piece of content across multiple channels

Use one piece of content across multiple channels

Use one piece of content across multiple channels

I am the first to admit that constantly creating content to feed your online marketing can be like walking through mud at times. And because we live in a society that has 24/7 access to information in the palm of our hands, it’s easy to think our efforts can be futile.

However, a big mistake I see often is business owners creating one piece of content and then promoting it only through one channel. Or worse, expecting the content to just be found (especially if it’s a blog or video).

If you write an amazing blog, record a smashing podcast, or shoot an engaging video, no one will see it if you don’t tell anyone. And if you do promote your content, make sure you are promoting it regularly, so you pick up potential new audiences each time.

So, below is my super simple strategy for repurposing content across multiple channels so that I am creating less but promoting more.

Currently, I create the following content:

  1. A weekly blog (like this one!)
  2. A Facebook live once every 1 to 2 weeks
  3. A podcast each fortnight

Starting with my written blog, I:

  1. Upload it to my website
  2. Promote it across all of my online channels more than once
  3. Use a tool like Lumen5 to create a video of my blog
  4. Upload this video to Youtube, with a link back to my website

For my Facebook lives

  1. I use to schedule them in advance
  2. Then once the live is over, I download the video file from Facebook
  3. The video is then uploaded to Youtube with all the proper titling and a custom thumbnail
  4. Link back to my Facebook page where the live happened
  5. Take the Youtube video, create a blog post and embed the video
  6. Promote the blog link across other social media channels

And lastly, for my podcast:

  1. Once it is uploaded, the podcast is syndicated through platforms like itunes and Spotify
  2. I then take the podcast episode and the show notes (a transcript of the podcast episode) and create a blog piece on my website
  3. Then promote it across other channels

What content are you creating in your business right now? How can you use it in different ways to increase visibility of your business?

Social Media Channel Plan

Social Media Channel Plan

Social Media Channel Plan

Yesterday, I did a Facebook Live on the 4 elements you need to think about for any social media channel you use to market your business. Like any strategy, being super clear on why you are using something and knowing how it will add value to your business, will help ensure you don’t waste precious time and resources.

These elements to any good social media channel plan are:

  1. Purpose
  2. Objectives
  3. Audience
  4. Tactics

Have a look at the video for more:

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