Social media content: How do you keep it flowing?

Social media content: How do you keep it flowing?

What do I say? (a.k.a I need help with content!)

If there is one theme from businesses I hear time and time again when it comes to social media is “Yes I do know I need to use it but I don’t know what to say”. They have a Facebook page, and maybe a Twitter account, and happily follow others. But when it comes to posting their own content, there’s a huge blank.

Is this you? Have you set up a Facebook page or Twitter account, updated it every day (and sometimes more than once!) then after a month or so you couldn’t think of what else to put up on your page? Perhaps you set up a LinkedIn profile, added everyone you know, posted some really interesting content, then lost motivation?

I can assure you – you’re not alone.

The 80 / 20 rule

If there is one thing you take away from this article, is that you do not need to write every piece of content from scratch. In fact, it’s better if you don’t; that way if you are curating interesting content that your audience engages with, then you’ll be seen as a trusted source.

Ideally, your content should consist of 80 per cent ‘value’ based or educational content. This can be either curated (ie, sourced elsewhere with appropriate attribution) or created yourself. The remainder 20 per cent can be slightly more ‘salesy’ but still be respectful of your audience.

Think curation and creation!

So how do you consistently come up with interesting and engaging content without spending hours trawling through the internet and coming up with nothing? Here are my top 5 tips:

  1. Identify leaders in your industry and share what they say. Sign up for their email newsletters and when a great article arrives in you inbox, share it with your fans!
  2. When reading online newspapers and other news sites, if you come across an article you think might interest you followers, save it in a word document so you can use it later
  3. Look at what you are doing in your work place right now. Is there an interesting project you are working on? A client who you could profile?
  4. Have you made a mistake and learned a lesson in your workplace that you think your fans could benefit from? Hindsight is a wonderful thing (especially in business) and another business could learn from you.
  5. Ask you fans, followers & clients what they would like to hear. Your fans are a rich source of information, so ask them lots of questions!

Over to you!

Are there other places you find inspiration?

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