Regular versus Business Instagram

Regular versus Business Instagram

Instagram is the favoured social media platform for many visual based business across Australia. There are around 400 million monthly users on this platform so there are huge opportunities to get yourself know. And if you’re a business owner, Instagram is an awesome way to build or market your brand in a creative way.

But to some, there is confusion over whether to have a personal business instagram account? Others will say, I’ll just switch my instagram account to business account but then will think how will I share updates to my followers that are more personal? Deciding is not easy so let me give you the difference between the two.

Personal Instagram Account

It is normal for us to regularly publish pictures about our every day life. That’s why we have account for personal use. If you do love taking photos and you have a personal blog then it’s ideal to use your personal account. A personal account is usually for yourself.

If you’re account is full of images of your kids, family, you might want to keep that personal. If you’re images reflect a part of your brand and then you might consider transitioning your account for professional use. Or even better, have 2 separate accounts.

Business Instagram Account

A professional business account needs to focus on your customers and not your friends. Your customers and readers don’t necessarily need to see pictures of your baby or your dog or the bag that you’ve just purchased. You can post this type of content, but it would not be all the time.

There are lot of benefits that Instagram can do in helping you grow your business and having a business instagram account can work for you Let’s check some of these benefits:

  1. It can build trust with your customers by telling stories. Since you can share pictures about your business in a more casual way, this can build personal rapport with your customers.
  2. You can easily target your market through hashtags. If you’re business is targeting millennials then Instagram is the best place to market your business because they are the age group that uses Instagram most of the time.
  3. Having an active account can earn engagement and warm from your audience.

I hope this helps you decide how to use Instagram and what type of account to use!

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