Possum steps into the digital currency world.

Qoin for Possum

We are so excited to announce that Possum Digital is now accepting Qoin! As fan of all things digital, we couldn’t pass up the chance to move into digital currency as well ?.

With all the various digital currencies at our disposal, why did we choose Qoin for Possum? Put simply they are game changers for small business through supporting and promoting their SME network, and because small business is at the heart of their mission statement. They recognise that even though across the globe people prefer to support local and small business, especially in COVID times, those businesses often lack sophisticated payments, loyalty and rewards programs to be able to compete with the bigger businesses. Qoin challenges this with its Blockchain technology and it’s a game changer for consumers AND small business.

Why? Qoin will translate into super-fast touch-less transactions, in-built rewards programs (cos they love consumers too) as well as the peace of mind that you (the giver and received of Qoin) are in total control of your money. You see, no third party controls your money, which means no fees and no extra cost when you want to use it. But does that mean it’s not regulated (in the traditional sense) and therefore insecure? Absolutely not. Qoin specifically have factored this into their product and the digital wallet use is safe and secure with Face ID, bio-metrics and pass codes making it safe to us and your account gives you access to all the approved merchants.

Qoin also have super cool additions that put it head and shoulder above the rest. Things like a full run down of merchants (they can even walk you to the business) and QRewards for your transactions, because we all love it when our money goes further.

As a business using Qoin just makes sense, and taking that next digital step important to staying competitive and relevant in today’s digital landscape.

We are so excited to take this step and can’t wait to start bringing Qoin to our Possum community!