Instagram stories can tell the story of your business

Instagram stories can tell the story of your business

Instagram is fast becoming a favorite social marketing tool of brands and businesses, with Instagram Stories being used by big brands daily. Today where most people enjoy being visually stimulated, it makes this social network so powerful for almost any industry.

Once based on image sharing, Instagram has a new feature that lets you deliver a more complete message than a single image can provide to your prospective customers. It’s called Instagram Stories. If you’re wondering how this function can help you boost your marketing strategies, here are three easy ways to use Instagram Stories for your business:

Brand Your Special Offers for Better Results

Instagram Stories is designed to enhance your brand. So whenever you have special offers for your customers and target audiences, it would seem extra-special when complemented with the unique delivery of an Instagram story. To deliver your special offers via stories, you just have to refer viewers to the link in your bio. You can post a coupon as an Instagram story and announce that the offer is valid for a 24-hour story period only. You can take advantage of the time-critical nature of the Instagram story which delivers a sense of urgency for your customers to click on your landing page so that they can learn on how to redeem your special offer. But remember; make sure you offer something valuable! If you stick with low-value offers, there’s a high chance that they’ll tune you out.

Use Targeted Looks to Build a New Level of Trust with Your Audience

Showing and sharing your creative work and skills with your audience can be persuasive. It lets you show the value of your brand and the power of your services and those that you’re capable of providing. It can be in the form of a design sketch, a video of you checking out the manufacturer behind your product, or simply an excellent shot of the final item. These types of personalised approaches can build a new level of trust and interest with your audience.

Humanise Your Brand

Instagram stories may be temporary, but used effectively, it would surely leave a mark on your overall brand. By sharing polished stories that features a more created look at your business in real time, you are improving your brand to existing customers and attracting sales even more. One good example is by sharing a brief behind-the-scenes looks at your business.

With approximately 500 million active users, Instagram is now a super tool in the social media world. By consistently applying best practices and putting an effort to maximise the power of Instagram stories, rest assured that positive results for your business should come in no time at all.

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