With around 9 million Australians on Instagram, it’s highly likely that your target audience is using this platform. And if you have a visual based business, I would guess that you are already using Instagram to market your business (but there are lots of other business using it too!). So have you changed your account from a personal one to a business one?

It’s ok (and a good thing!) to keep your personal and business lives separated by different accounts; though you may want to have a little overlap between the two. However, if you’re using Instagram to market your business, I recommend using their business account as there are some key features that will help you get the best out of the platform.

These are the benefits of having an Instagram business profile:

  1. You can have ‘call’ and ‘email’ call to action buttons on your profile. This makes it easier for people to find and contact you.

    Instagram business

  2. Content that you post on Instagram can be promoted directly in the platform. So instead of having to go into Facebook Ads Manager and setting up an Instagram specific as, you can simply post, and then promote with the click of a button. You do need to make sure you have a Facebook Ad account set up with your Instagram account attached for this to work

    Instagram business

  3. Having insights for each piece of content on your account. If you want to see how specific images or videos are performing, and how people found your content, this is a useful tool

    Instagram business

The only potential downside to switching over is that there may be a drop in reach. While there is no real evidence to suggest this, there appears to be anecdotal individual stories that point to a decline in reach.

So now you know why an Instagram business account is worthwhile for your business, when will you start taking advantage of the platform?