Has your Facebook Ad Account been shut down?

During the 2020 pandemic businesses have been turning to Facebook Ads in droves to keep their business front and centre of their client’s minds as the economic landscape shifts. Facebook Ads are great for business because they serve to connect with your clients directly.

But what’s happening now, with this increase in Facebook Ads, is an increase in Ad accounts being shut down. So why does this happen and what can be done about it? Side note: Don’t panic, in about 70% of cases you’ll get your Ad account back.

Firstly, don’t panic, this happens more than you’d think. In this ever-increasing world of automation and algorithms often times the disabling is a result of a mistake made by Facebook, yes, they are fallible too. But why else would you get an Ad account shut? If your existing in the world of money, health and weight loss often your content may not meet the standards set by the algorithm (read possibly considered spam or scam).

Secondly it’s worth noting that during COVID-19 Ad accounts closures seem to be happening even more, why is this? Well there are a few reasons, increased Facebook traffic (geez who isn’t distracting themselves with Facebook escapism right now?) Also Facebook are having to deal with this crisis just like any other business so they are adapting themselves, as well as having to determine to terms and conditions to deal with COVID-19.

OK so to get it back:

  1. Don’t waste your brain time trying to figure out why just click on the “Request review of this ad account” which is highlighted blue in your closure notification, complete this and don’t forget to add an explanation, we use “Another Reason.” This is because it gives you an opportunity to appeal if in more detail because this but is actually read by a real human.

On that last point here’s a tip, don’t be angry or aggressive, just imagine you’re speaking to a person face to face and if you wouldn’t say it face to face don’t write it in your appeal: You get more with sugar than you do with salt ?

  1. Continue to appeal, don’t forget what we said earlier about Facebook having to adapt to COVID-19 too so give them the benefit of the doubt that your appeal has slipped through the cracks.

Step 3 is a little tricky:

  1. If you have an account manager or partner manager at Facebook, reach out to them and ask for their help.

The response to your appeal will be here:

But what about if your appeal gets denied? While this is the worst outcome it does mean you will need to start a new account. But sometimes starting from scratch can be an opportunity to get back to basics. Quick tip: start a new account while your appeal is being decided because if your appeal is refused you are ready to engage your clients immediately with a new Ad campaign.