Should you use Facebook Groups?

Should you use Facebook Groups?

When business think of marketing on Facebook, they usually think of creating a Facebook page, posting content, and possibly doing some advertising. There is another tool within Facebook that you may want to have a look at to see if it could help you market your business – Facebook Groups.

With approximately 15 million Australians using Facebook regularly, chances are your target audience is on this platform.

Let’s have a look at why you should think about using Facebook Groups to market your Business:

You Can Talk to Your Existing and Potential Clients

Creating a group of your existing clients, or even people who could be your clients, helps you keep in touch more regularly through community engagement. You can post educational content through links back to your website or even Facebook Lives. Think about how you can be of service to your clients in between projects or appointments.

You can have days of the week that are for specific things like asking for help, or providing a space to promote their own services or offerings. Note that you will have to devote resources to managing your community so that it’s a vibrant and engaging place for members.

It is Low-Cost

There’s no cost in setting up a Facebook group. As long as you have a personal profile (and ideally a business page) you’re good to go. And it only takes about 15 minutes to get everything set up.

The only cost is your time, or time of team members (other admins) if you have help managing the group, so factor this in to your business planning.

Encourages Peer to Peer Conversations

Since Facebook rolled out its major newsfeed algorithm changes at the beginning of this year, many Facebook pages have seen a decline in their organic reach. And one of the elements Facebook announced it was focusing on was prioritising peer to peer conversations.

Have you noticed that your newsfeed has a lot more content from groups? This is because groups encourage conversations between people, and not just pages talking to fans.

Over to you

Have you thought about having a Facebook group to suport your business? Or if you have a group, what benefits have you seen?

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