Facebook Ads – The Keto of Digital Marketing

It’s no secret to many but the words “boosted posts” sends shivers down our Digital Marketing spines. If you have a couple of bucks spare to throw down the drain for a small boost on a localised post by all means throw it, you might get an ok return (or you might not) from that small audience. BUT please if you do one thing in 2020, don’t spend your hard-earned cash on a HUGE boosted post spending spree and we’re gonna tell you why.

Let’s think of advertising in general in terms of sugar! We all love it, we all love to hate it and it’s incredibly addictive.

So with that in mind a boosted post is like a sugar hit, it’s a quick high that sates your “short term goal” of getting more likes. You are momentarily romanced by the big post reach, the extra shares but in reality it doesn’t increase your bottom line, create better brand awareness or generate better leads. Why? Because it’s fleeting, like a sugar high.

So as it should be in real life, it’s time to ditch the sugar and step back and look at the bigger picture. For the purpose of this great analogy – FB Ads are the “Keto” of marketing.

FB Ads (Keto) isn’t just a different way for your body (your brand) to adjust to no sugar (boosting) and converting your fat for energy (lead generation) it’s a “whole life’ adjustment to the way you view FB marketing.

What we love about FB Ads isn’t just the ability to dissect the analytics after a campaign it allows you to hone in on your existing audience while bringing in new leads that allow you then you build on that information.

FB Ads also allows you to diversify your objectives.

To put it simply – Boosting only gives you two options for your objective—website visits and engagement. When you engage in a FB Ads campaign (using Ad Manager), you can select an objective: awareness, reach, traffic, engagement, conversions and then build on it.

There are more tick boxes in a FB Ad than options for artificial sweeteners which gives you options, options give you a broader scope and a this results in more leads. Simples.

So don’t waste your hard earned case on boosting, invest it in FB Ads.