Curating social media content with Feedly

Content curation an important tactic in social media marketing. And when it comes to creating content for your own social media channels, you don’t need to write everything from scratch. It is no secret that there is a lot of information on the internet so in order to be successful in content curation, it is important to display only the most relevant content. This is where Feedly comes in.

When it comes to content curation, there are lot of tools that can be used. There are millions of pieces of content shared each day and to find the most relevant content for your audience and your brand requires a tool that can organise this content in a sensible and easy to read way. One tool that you can use is Feedly. This tool helps you to easily organise all of the feeds and websites you follow in one single stream, making it organised and searchable. Feedly allows you to classify and sort information from hundreds of sources. But how can Feedly help in curating your social media content?

  • Feedly better visualises your information feeds. You can set the display mode to each information feed that you need.
  • The Preferences tab provides useful tools to customise the interface and it allows you to customise the home page and hide categories that are not updated.
  • Feedly can also manage your information. By using keywords that is integrated to Feedly, this will allow you to search in the news feeds. Feedly offers you several keyboard shortcuts that can help you in searching those feeds.
  • It’s also connected to services that can save articles that you can check later. Posts can be shared or added immediately to your queue and be shared at a later time.
  • The platform also includes buttons that can share information. These tools can help you for easy sharing with your audience.
  • Feedly is an awesome tool for finding timely articles on topics you want to share. By using Feedly, you can find content and organise it by categories.
  • Feedly can follow topics that are important for you and your business. You can also create custom configurations to best fit your reading style.

When curating content, you get to provide content and value to your audience way beyond what you create yourself. These connections can help you in increasing your reach, connecings with influencers and it expanding your audience’s experience. Content curation does not only benefit your audience but you as well. It’s faster and cheaper to create unlike always creating original content.

Content marketing is no simple task. Just always remember, that whatever company you are in, make sure that content curation should be personal and it should build value.

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