A medicine for isolation


It’s been a weird old year so far 2020, and there are still uncertain times ahead. We don’t know about you, but social media has proven to be an absolute tonic for self-isolating/lockdown fever. Whether in business or personal use there has been inspiration to be found in every nook of it.

From musical performances, comedians, cooking lessons online, remote working, a potato headed manager, to the excellent family Zoom meetings, people from all walks of life have been engaging and communicating more than they ever have before. In what many call a disconnected world we have never been MORE connected to each other. Over the last few years there have been discussions across the globe, from medical professions to leaders of business on the negative sides of the use of social media and potential side effects, such as our mental health (just to name one). Now that side still exists, we can’t escape that, but there’s now a new side to social media that’s got everyone talking – a positive and connected social media experience.

One of MOST special projects was ABC’s Virtual Choir singing We are Australian:

ABC director of audiences, Leisa Bacon, stated that “these unprecedented times called for the broadcaster to repurpose its existing campaign message.”

Leisa goes on to say, ““When we entered the current physical distancing challenges with coronavirus, it felt right to respond by bringing people together, albeit virtually, to uplift the spirits with this beautiful track which was already a known and loved part of our ABC brand.”

What happened next snowballed into 4 million views across social media and TV including a version sung by children across Australian including in the traditional language of the Yawuru people.

Though the ABC is a large-scale example there have been other examples of small gestures of beauty and goodwill, whether it’s on Facebook, Twitter etc, that sends a ripple out across the country and the globe in a buttery type effect. Showing us all that used responsibly, and with sensitive timing, social media can be a tool for change, community and connection.

This is an excellent example of how pivoting a strategy to suit the environment around us, has a positive community effect and expands the brand of the ABC. What have been some of your favourite moments across social media these last couple of months? Share them with us on the post you see this blog on.