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Why you should use video for your Facebook cover

Why you should use video for your Facebook cover

When was the last time you looked at, or changed up your Facebook cover photo. Your Facebook page cover photo is an important piece of real estate, and can help promote your organisation.

In the last Sensis Social media report (in 2018), they noted that “64 per cent of consumers are more likely to trust a brand if interacts positively on social media”. So this is an opportunity to connect.

On of my favourite features, is using a video in your cover photo. If you already have a video that you use to promote your brand, start with uploading that and measure the watch time and engagement. Leave it for a month, then replace with another video and measure how well it performs.

For Facebook pages we look after, video does play a role in generating brand awareness and warmth.

Want some ideas about what to include in your video? Think about using one of these:

  • Your product in action – If your business sells physical products, especially if it is something new or something that could use a bit of demonstration, your business Facebook cover video could be a great opportunity for you to show it in action.
  • Team Introduction Your cover video can also be a great way for you to show the faces behind your business. Showcase you and your team members by giving them some face time and maybe even show a bit of your working environment.
  • Location Tour – People love seeing behind the scenes content, and does grab more attention.
  • Animated Logo – Give your brand a little pizzazz by giving some colour and movement to your logo!
  • Explanation of Services – Give a brief background of your business offers, and your video covers can call attention to those services without overwhelming your audience.
  • Moving Portfolio – Video gives you a better opportunity to showcase more of your work. Don’t just tell people how good you are, show them!

Will you use a video in your Facebook cover area? And if you have, did it bring more awareness to your brand?

Using LinkedIn ‘In Mail’ without annoying people

Using LinkedIn ‘In Mail’ without annoying people

Having a lot of emails in your inbox is overwhelming but at the same time, it is a bit annoying. What to read and which is the most important? In Mail, LinkedIn’s private messaging feature, is a way to communicate to your connections outside of regular email. But like every messaging service, there are good, bad, and just plain rude ways to use it!

Here are some simple things you can do to ensure your LinkedIn in mail is valuable, and not spammy:

  1. Have a relevant subject line. We have limited time to engage, so a good subject line will get people to open your message.
  2. Keep your message short and simple. People won’t have the time to read a lengthy message, and will just delete it. Be simple and make sure to get to the point as quickly as possible.
  3. Quality over quantity. Having lot of connections doesn’t mean that they have the same interest so rather than sending all your connections your mail, tailor your message to the person you are sending it to. Perhaps mention content they have posted recently, or a group that you both belong to.
  4. Include ‘WIIFT’ – ie, what’s in it for them? Why should someone open your In Mail, then respond?
  5. You can follow up but don’t be too pushy. Leave it a week or two, then send a follow up In Mail. And definitely don’t send messages daily – it looks a little stalkerish.

And lastly, let me share with you my biggest peeve about a specific LinkedIn behaviour. I’m happy to accept connection requests from people I don’t know (as long as they are legit!). But never (and I mean never!) request to connect with someone, then add them to your email marketing database.

If I’ve connected with you on LinkedIn, I haven’t given you permission to to market to me on any other channel. For you to be able to send me email communications, I need to opt in to your email list, and be able to unsubscribe at any time.

If you want help getting more out of your social media marketing, please download our free step by step guide today!